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Data Science - The Convergence

Management Consultants get scientific with data

Since the early 2010's data science has been on the increase where Data Scientists are now very sought after people. With Management Consultancy companies buying up data analytics companies the convergences brings about the ability to provide foresight and insight to potentially untapped revenue streams by interpreting data in new ways. By using technology as an additional enabler such as data visualisation tools the picture starts to become a whole lot clearer. With the ability to take data, structured and unstructured, apply various modelling techniques data scientist can give your product a new strategical advantage by providing insights and actionable tasks to product owners to really give impacting change for the better.

As management consulting companies recognise the value in the data I believe there will be an even closer coupling between the analytics population and the management space. The data can be disruptive and represented in many ways but with the advent of technologies that can process vast data lakes and enable you to see the trees through the woods, this unprecedented level of power can potentially supercharge your business development units and exploit new opportunities as they unfold from the data that lies beneath.

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