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Achieve maximum output through 

management techniques

We offer bespoke and completely customised business solutions to suit your needs by using a strategic alliance of business consultants to pull together and formulate solutions for you.

We can provide feasibility reports as an independent reviewer to ascertain the viability of a business case.

Using over 25 years of experience and working in an advisory capacity to deliver business-critical projects. We will equip you and your organisation with a plan to succeed. We can provide you with unbiased opinions and establish the feasibility of the business direction that makes the difference. 

By working with the Genesis Partnership you can rest assured that 
we will go to great lengths to make sure we completely understand your areas of concern and that we will go above and beyond to help you solve them.

Solving complex business challenges

with effective strategies

Vision & Strategy

Vision & Strategy

By developing and strengthening our client relations through regular strategic planning we can help you achieve successful delivery of the company vision. We work with you from start to finish to make sure we get the job done. Our clients often engage us with failing projects and need direction on how to get things back on track. We work with you to find the blockers and help implement rectification steps to get the projects moving again.  

Program Management

Program Management

We understand methodologies and programme management, we know that careful planning and contingency planning can make all the difference between successful and failed projects.  We have developed our in-house processes to help plan and deliver projects on time and within budget. By using agile methods we can react to change very quickly and make the necessary adjustments in the best possible way whilst still keeping projects on track.

M&A as well as Private Equity Deals & Formations

IT Technology Consulting

With our historical foundations firmly rooted in technology,  service delivery & operations. Consulting and delivering technology for the future is in our DNA. We can make sure you consider all possibilities to future proof your organisation so your technological decisions are in line with your business strategy. We have performed many optimisations and obsolescence projects where we have eliminated millions of pound from OPEX spends by using our knowledge and expertise in the IT space.

Process Re-Engineering

Process Re-engineering

We have methods to create efficient processes to enable greater output and boost productivity from day one. We can perform analysis on company structures and procedures to identify gaps in processes quickly so you can see your return on investment. As a result of this fine-tuning we would expect you to see improvements shortly after implementation.

Operating Efficiency

Operating Efficiency

By using years of experience we can drill down into your data and find inefficiencies that hinder optimum performance. Cost reduction is at the top of most company agendas, we can identify these areas in technology and your business processes so you have an operation that runs as smooth as possible. We can make capacity and capability to extend your reach giving you the competitive edge.

Technology Consulting

MERGERS & Acquisitions

In the world of M&A, we understand that this subject can be daunting and often plagued with complexity so we have skilled experts who can structure corporate deals to obtain the best outcomes for you and your company. We have partnered with leading M&A specialists who can unpick the complexities associated with most corporate deals such as company takeovers to asset stripping. We are able to restructure deals ranging from establishing offshoring entities to personal wealth management 

Our Core Competencies

By deploying our own frameworks and through deep working knowledge and analysis we drill down into the data to find areas of improvement that will make an immediate change for the better. 

All the methods, techniques, and consultancy provided are protected by strict confidentiality agreements. 


Your project confidentiality is upheld at all times due to the nature of the projects we undertake.

Assisting you to implement recommended solutions with agility and flexibility 

Our clients range from startups to large multi-nationals, we believe no company is too small or too large for our engagement. 

We innovate and create beyond the client's perceived possibilities to bring fresh ideas by using deep analysis techniques.

By working in a flexible capacity with our clients we can add value by adjusting approaches as and when needed.


Working in an agile way gives you and your company time to re-plan and react quickly to the forever changing commercial landscape.

Management Consultants are mobile integrators
The Genesis Partnership - Partnering is key to our delivery

Our history is firmly based in technology and operations 

How We Do It















Operating Efficiency

Coaching & Mentoring

We offer personal coaching and mentoring for people who truly want to unlock their inner potential. When working on a one-to-one basis with one of our coaches or mentors we can help you find the answers to some of the most challenging situations you may face at work. We help you to overcome your challenges and define what success looks like and help you achieve your goals through various techniques. Our coaches are ILM level 7 qualified and work with some of the most top talented people running companies or who have their own business.


"Awesome working with you on this colossal project which thankfully with your help and advice has turned out perfectly"

Sam B / The Clothing Lounge / Director

"Thanks a lot to the Genesis team! We really appreciate your help and the prompt responses for our request during the project. We are very satisfied"

Demitri S/ Futurae / VP Analyst

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