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Working from home & need support? No problem.

Working from Home

Remote consultation & support

With more and more people working away from the office, working from home has very quickly become the new norm. At The Genesis Partnership we are now offering Ad-Hoc advice on a remote basis for projects you may need assistance on.


With competitive pricing and options available for all audiences we can deliver solutions and strategies that are just as effective as being onsite to help you get the most out of your data and projects.

There are no contracts with complicated clauses to understand that require legal teams to help you decipher what we really mean. We operate a simple retainer model with full transparency. During this time we will deal with your issue and guide you on queries you may have. Thereafter you are free to leave. This is truly on the fly support and nowhere else will management consulting take this approach. We believe in doing our utmost in helping people work through their business challenges. We will work relentlessly to offer the best advice we can to see you can achieve a positive output to your problem.

Our new solutions works well for smaller companies who are embarking on projects they have never done before and are seeking a sanity check on whether their strategy and decisions are viable. We have provided advice and been the guiding hand for small pieces of work and for larger projects spanning several geographical regions. Complex projects usually involve lots of time and analysis in order to truly understand the landscape but by using our methods we can move swiftly in finding solutions for you.


We judge and evaluate projects on their own merits but we use a wide range of blueprints to identify solutions quickly based on industry standard procedures and techniques. This shortens the decision making and qualification process so we can have a good idea of next steps as we always like to be ahead of the curve if offering assistance.


If you would like to know more about this service and how it could be of benefit then please contact us or use the Enquiry form on the contact page. One of our consultants will then contact you.


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